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Buying Real Estate:

Contracts in the state of California that are ratified on or after September, 30th, 2013 will be subject to the "Buyer Select" closing agent program.

*Please visit BLB Resources forms page for additional closing agent forms and information regarding the HUD Buyer Select Program.

Selling Broker Handbook

Selling Broker Quick Reference Guide

For Inventory, Selection, and Bidding Please Visit:

To place a bid on a HUD Home you must be registered with HUD, or a Real Estate Agent working for a registered Broker, may facilitate the sale of  HUD Home.

HUD Home Store Registration

Who Can Purchase a HUD Home

HUD Homes can be purchased by an individual, company, HUD-approved non-profit organization, or government entity that can secure financing or pay cash for the property.

Sales Packages

How to Correctly Complete a HUD Sales Contract Package and Samples

Important Reminders when Submitting Bids

For additional training, forms, procedures, and other inportant information please visit BLB Resources Agent Resource Center.

We at Campbell Real Estate Inc. are here to assist in anyway, through the process of purchasing HUD Homes.